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Go Visit Croatia

Croatia - The Most Beautiful Country in the World

If you don't believe it, check this out:

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Although Croatia is not a large country, it is a land that is Mediterranean, Central European, mountainous and flat, coastal and continental. It can therefore be safely said that Croatia is characterized by a diversity and wealth of nature seen in much larger European countries; that is to say, within a relatively small area are landscapes that otherwise one would have to seek in widely spaced parts of Europe, and indeed the world.

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Visit Croatia

Why Should People Visit Croatia ? by Martina Grubisic

Croatia is a small country situated in Mediterranean along the coast of the Adriatic Sea offering variety of cultural and natural beauties. Everyone interested in history and cultural heritage would enjoy Croatia where every “stone tells its story”. Wellpreserved old architectural work is somewhat breathtaking. It is like walking troughcenturies and centuries of turbulent history. On the other hand Croatia’s natural beauty that ranges from beautiful coast, islands, beaches to the hinterland rich in fields, castles, and mountains.

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Visiting Croatia by Jeanne Oliver

Croatia has quickly become Europe's hottest destination, and for good reason. The rocky coastline continues for 1778 kilometres and includes pine-fringed coves, wide sandy beaches and cozy inlets. As if that weren't enough, there are a good 1185 islands that range from lush and wooded to stark and hilly. Yachties love the sailing opportunities, sunbathers have an incredible choice of beaches and scuba divers have a paradise of sea life to explore.Beyond the pretty scenery, Croatia also boasts a fascinating history and cultural life.The walled city of Dubrovnik on its southern tip is a must-stop for Mediterranean cruises but the long coast is littered with remnants of Croatia's varied past.

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